Challenges of Reprocessing HVE and SE Valves

Do you know the correct way to maintenance and sterilize your HVE and SE Valves?  Did you know this is in upwards of 8 steps requiring time, precise assembly, inspecition and involves multiple small components?  Below are standard instructions for HVE and SE Maintenance:

To routinely maintain and sterilize the HVE and saliva ejector when disconnected from the vacuum system:
Turn off the vacuum or open the control valve before disconnecting the HVE or saliva ejector.
Remove the vacuum tip from the HVE or saliva ejector. Discard disposable vacuum tips.
Remove the HVE or saliva ejector valve body assembly from the vacuum line by pulling it away from the tubing at the tailpiece.
Disassemble the valve body assembly by pushing the control valve out of the HVE or saliva ejector valve body.  This step involves in upwards of
multiple small components.
Inspect the O-rings. Remove and discard if damaged.  Many manufacturers require routine lubrication of O-rings.
Clean undamaged O-rings with a soft brush and a health authority approved detergent. O-rings may be cleaned in place or removed and
cleaned at the discretion of the user.
Clean all exterior and interior surfaces of the valve body and control valve using a health authority approved detergent and the brushes provided with
the product (or equivalent). Lumens or channels of the valve body must be cleaned with a brush of the proper length and diameter. The brush must be
long enough to extend through the lumen.
Rinse thoroughly with water.  Sterilize and test instrument when placed back at chairside.

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