How can you convert your dental unit to accept DOVE Valves?

Conversion to DOVE HVE Valves is easy!  We created a line of 2 HVE Tailpiece Adapters to allow you to easily convert to Stoma Dental HVE Valves.  Instructions to install appear below.  When ordering, simply specify your make of dental equipment.

The only exceptions are older designed dental unit hangers.  Some, do not accept dental evacuation tubings and only allow valve necks to be hung.  In these unique situations, we strongly recommend updating the dental hanger or arm to accept current HVE Valves that are designed to hang on the “Tailpieces” and not the valves themselves.  To view a complete list of newer arms and hangers, click here.

Saliva Ejector Valves most likely will fit onto your existing Saliva Ejector Tailpiece.

tailpiece small instructions


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