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A Peek into POOR Dental Device Maintenance & Why

At a recent trade show, we questioned 100’s of Dental Professionals (including DDS, Hygienists and Assistants) about standard maintenance between patients.  We also questioned if the office addresses backflow.  The cleaning method between patient’s responses include:

  • wiping only the exterior surfaces between patients (100+ of respondents)
  • wiping the exterior and sheathing the valve between patients (25+ respondents)
  • autoclave the valve components between patients (2 responses)

Flushing the evacuation lines frequency responses include:

  • flushing at the end of day (50+ responses)
  • flushing weekly (50+ responses)
  • flushing between patients (2 responses)
  • flushing?  (1 response)

How do you prevent Backflow risk from Saliva Ejectors to your patients?

  • 0 respondents used any device to alleviate patient backflow
  • An estimated 5 respondents warned patients to not close around suction straws
  • 100+ respondents had no idea about backflow risk

Where and how were you taught valve maintenance?

  • An estimated 20 respondents learned maintenance in school
  • 100+ respondents did not learn valve maintenance or the risks of backflow in school
  • 100+ respondents learned on their own or from their predecessor.

Evacuation Valve IFU’s (Instruction for use) instruct users to disassemble parts routinely, flush daily or between patients and the CDC states DHCP should not advise patients to close their lips around the tip of the saliva ejector to evacuate oral fluids.
We should be concerned when 99% of respondents do not follow the Instructions for Use and are unaware about backflow risks.

If you would like a copy of your existing IFU for evacuation valves, you can contact the Dental Chair Mfr or find them online.  Most can be found in the Dental Assistants Instrumentation Packets.

Do you do this for EVERY Patient?  The IFU recommends it.



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