OSAP Recognizes Stoma Dental as Infection Control Standout

The Organization for Safety, Asepsis and Prevention (OSAP) held its Dental Infection Control Boot Camp, where it recognized two companies for their infection control product lines. Attendees voted to select the companies from among all the exhibitors that they felt deserved special recognition for infection control design.

The winner for Most Innovative Product was Stoma Dental, Chesterfield, Mo,  for its DOVE Disposable Valves. The company, which only recently entered the disposables market, created the product to address cleaning inconsistencies relating to evacuation valves.

For more, click here  –  OSAP Recognizes Stoma Dental



Your Suction Lines Remain Dirty “After Flushing”

The following images display the interior of a dental vac suction line “before and after” flushing.  Debris will remain regardless, unless the interior surfaces are scrubbed.  Since this is not possible, “Backflow” of suction devices should be a major concern.  Our new Saliva Ejector Backflow Prevention Valve alleviates the risk!interior valve after flushing