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Dental Patients Likely Receive Backflow

Today, most would agree patient safety is of utmost importance.
Unfortunately, on a daily basis we continue to see dental offices instructing patients to close around suction straws. Research concluded as far back as 1993 that patient safety is compromised when lips are closed around saliva ejectors during procedures. The CDC also provides us clear warnings about the risk from saliva ejector backflow.

Studies concluded 23% (Nearly 1 in 4) likely receive prior patient backflow when lips close around straws. Flushing the lines will not address this problem nor will the cleaning of the valve components.  Countless studies, education, and training clearly show the risks of backflow. Using a disposable backflow eliminating product is the only way to guarantee backflow prevention. NEW affordable backflow eliminating products are readily available.

Instructing patients to close around saliva ejector straws goes against everything we know for the past 20 years. Simply wiping valves between patients is not enough. Recent ATP surface testing displayed over 99% of evacuation valves failing when only wiped between patients.

Ask yourself;  Knowing that Dental Backflow is a proven fact, why do most offices continue to place patients at risk?

– If your patients knew the facts about backflow, would they want you to do something about it?

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Introducing NEWLY Designed DOVE Disposable Evacuation Valves at Hinman

March 10, 2018

DOVE Dental Products will exhibit in booth #11 at the upcoming 106th Annual Thomas P. Hinman Dental Meeting, March 22-24, 2018.  We will introduce NEWLY Designed DOVE Disposable Evacuation Valves that will include:

  • DOVE Disposable Saliva Ejector with Backflow Prevention offered now in Purple! Dental patient backflow risks occur when patients close their lips around suction straws. Prior patient backwash (or backflow) goes back into the mouth.  Only a backflow prevention device can eliminate this risk.
  • Our NEW High Volume Evacuation (HVE) is now offered in 2 comfort-driven designs! Valve comfort for Hygiene and Assisting is of the utmost importance.  Our 2 designs provide the greatest selection in the disposable market.
  • 2 NEW Connections for the HVE Valves! The current dental chair marketplace has many HVE connections.  Our new adaptors allow us to connect to over 95% of N. American Dental Chair units.

Providing a clean and safe evacuation valve is not possible when dental professionals only wipe the exterior surfaces and intermittently flush dental suction lines.

DOVE will also sponsor Ms. Nancy Dewhirst Infection Control Workshop on March 23 from 1- 4:00 PM.

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